Business On A International Level

Many companies have taken their businesses and ventured into the international business world. Seeking to expand their companies bottom line, many companies have moved their plants to various countries throughout the world. For those seeking to make this idea your reality, there are several things one must consider. The most important thing is to get a broad and extensive understanding of International Business Law. This is the standardization of fundamental business practices throughout the world. This process is believed to promote global interdependence and transcends national states by establishing economic growth worldwide. International business law was established as a result of the United States victory in World War II. After winning World War II,the United States went about establishing the process of standardizing business practices worldwide. The American trading system put several legal standards into motion hoping to create a global regime of free trade with the U.S currency being the base dollar.

At its core, international business law is a issue of self interest. By having a single legal framework to govern international transactions, significant amounts of money has been saved. If a company had to constantly modify their functioning based on individual states, the cost would be too high and doing business overseas would be pointless. International business law has provided several avenues for profiteers to navigate through its legislation. International business law, at its root, is about transcending the nation state as the only source of legal authority. International business has become significantly easier and more profitable because of two reasons. First, technological developments have made global communication and transportation relatively quick and convenient. Second, the annihilation of a substantial part of the communist world. This has opened up many of the world’s economies to private business. Generally, capital is the most mobile of all the factors of production and can move relatively easily from one nation to another. Other factors of production, such as land and labor, either do not move or are less mobile. The result is, where capital is available in one country, it may also be used to invest in other countries. This allows the savvy businessman to take advantage of another nations’ land or labor.

International business differs from domestic business primarily because of the constant environment changes afforded by nation to nation business. In business countries are divided into three main categories: the more developed, the less developed, and newly emerging economies. Each category presents a different challenge economically, as each nation has significantly different financial resources. These distinctions are based of gross domestic product per capita(GPD/capita). It should be noted that international business law is vast and extensive and should approached accordingly. However, once a reasonable understanding is acquired the possible financial payoffs priceless.

Business Networking Tips

Business Networking is a very specific type of networking that requires a certain amount of focus. It also requires a dedicated mindset. This type of networking is done by those who are business minded and are not simply employees, but entrepreneurs.

Everyone is a Potential Client
Those who are serious about business networking see everyone as a potential client. If they don’t, they aren’t doing it right. Even the silliest person on the Internet knows contacts who could lead to a huge deal. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth type of marketing.

Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure
Everyone has a fun side that they like to share with their friends, but anyone who is involved in business networking really needs to be picky about how much of that side is exposed. Because of this, personal accounts and business accounts should be kept separate. Potential clients don’t really want to know about relationship or family issues as much as they want to know that they have found the right person or business for the job.

Actions Speak Louder than Words
Anyone who is actually good at what they do doesn’t have to brag about it. In the world of business, results truly do speak for themselves. To this end, business networking involves as much showcasing of completed projects as it does making new contacts and maintaining old ones.

Learning is a Lifelong Process
When clients know that the people they are interested in are continuously trying to hone a skill, they take those people seriously. Entrepreneurs don’t just learn from taking business classes and going to seminars either. They mentor others, offer tidbits of what they have learned, and sometimes even leave hints concerning new knowledge or current progress on a project.

Effective business networking yields results and can sometimes do so at an amazing rate of speed. As long as the business can do what clients are looking for and demonstrate a dedication to the topic at hand, the business networking end of things becomes second nature and provides the backdrop for the actual business itself.

Art of Negotiation, an Art or a Way of Life

The Art of Negotiation is a valuable tool in the right hands and mindset, there are noteworthy things to always keep in mind when negotiating as they will come in handy in future negotiation situations. The first thing that you should always keep in mind that its all about you, one of the things about the art of negotiation is getting that something you want no matter what.

The second thing about the art of negotiation is finding out what kind of options are available to you, it’s important that you know what those options are because most times its what makes the difference between getting what you want or forcing yourself to settle. In the art of negotiation, thinking about your end goal is very important because working toward that end goal is what determines a good negotiation and a bad one.

One of the other things that makes the art of negotiation a very valuable skill is studying up on whatever it is you’re after or the company that has the object of your desire, the reason behind doing this is so you know what you’re dealing with when you’re face to face with that company or organization; and remember, what a place or organization shows you on the outside is a reflection of how they care about their business on the inside. In the art of negotiation, you don’t want to take too much or be too greedy because there’s a fine line between genius and madness which a person can easily cross if they forget that the people that they’re dealing with are people too and should be treated as such.

A critical aspect in the art of negotiation is to illustrate patience, in so doing, you’ll be able to counter anything that’s being fed to you; take the time and think things through then make a counter offer that suggests that you had time to think about the offer or deal at hand. In conclusion, in the art of negotiation, it’s important to stay focused on the end goal, be patient and remember that the deal at hand is about you getting what you want and not what someone is trying to shove down your throat.

Choosing Cool Baby Clothes for Your Friends Baby Shower

I think my biggest fear is being invited to a baby shower for a close friend or relative. Deciding what to buy without breaking the bank isn’t an easy task. When it comes to newborn gifts, there are so many choices available from clothing to toys and all the way to essential items such as bottles and dummies.

The Choices

A few years ago a friend of mine was expecting triplets. Yes that is three babies all due at once, and so deciding what to buy for her was so difficult. All we knew is that it was two girls and one boy.

The baby shower was planned and we were all ready with our plans when I got a call from her husband to say she was in hospital and they were trying to delay the labour. Well as you can imagine, all our planning had gone out of the window.

Anyway, the babies arrived early and spent a month in hospital because they were so small and weak. So we held the baby shower without them and a little late.

The difficult task came when deciding what to buy them. The first thing we all did was buy a bag of disposable nappies each, she was going to need these and lots of them.

The next task was buying the newborn gifts. I chose three personalised new baby gifts and it worked out fantastically. Ichose really cool baby clothes, three baby grows, two pink and one blue and each one was personalised with the baby’s name.


My friend was over the moon when she opened up the personalised gifts for baby. They were special, different and something that could be kept even when they had grown up to remember how small they once were.

This became a habit and when they turned six months I did it again, I bought them all cool baby clothes with their names on, but this time it was t-shirts. What I loved is that I could give these wonderful triplets something special; they were gifts just for them and they were always well accepted and appreciated.

My friend has kept these personalised new baby gifts to remind her later on how precious they all were, all lined up in the cot next to each other with their names printed on their chests.

What I loved is that each baby grow and t-shirt that I bought for them was made from organic materials, they were made to the highest quality and best of all the printing I chose was hand printed, this meant no peeling after a few washes. As you know the cheaper printing on clothes always peels away after a couple of washes, these are still stuck in place a few years down the line, even though they are now carefully stored in a box as a memory.

Cool baby clothes make fantastic gifts for newborns; you can add your own message, turning them into personalised gifts for a baby who deserves something so unique and special.